Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Can Sex make Love?

You love someone. You fuck someone.
Sounds fine.
You fuck someone. You love someone.
That sounds less fine, which does not mean it happens less often.

Sometimes it snows first, then it freezes.
Sometimes it freezes first, then it snows.
In the first case the snow stays; the second is different.
The chances to keep the snow are low.

Love is like-
This sentence I will not finish.
Many tried. Most failed.

What is obvious is that sex is not only what we fall for more often but what is easier to get.
So is having sex cheap?
That is in the eye of the beholder.
Sex is a need.
It used to be done when in love.
Now it is something that amuses you, that distracts you for a moment of time and then you move on. Most of the times. Sometimes one falls. Deep.

Sex fits in every schedule. Love does not.

Love gets rare.
We want too many things.
We realize we can not have it all and surprisingly we decide against love.
We kind of cut it out.
Career. Self- realization. Looks. 
A lot to care about.
That is acceptable if we would not complain all the time about not being happy in love.
About not finding him/her.
Besides the fact that you will not find love when looking for it, but run into it,
we got to ask ourselves the question:
What are we willing to give up? What would we share?

There is not always a both…and – sometimes there is only an either…or.

If you answer the following questions accordingly then you are able to Live. Love. Learn.

Give up some ego for an “us” ?
Fuck the same person for a long period of time( for the strong believers in love- forever) ?
Leave the game and drop out of the chase?

Honestly not a lot of people would choose the answers that make you able to love and be loved. Why search for something that you are not willing to live ?

You might change your way of life. Maybe one day you want love- absolute.
In any case- live your life. Live it your way.
Sex it up. Crush and Love. Or try fucking both.

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