Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Has Racism entered the Dating Market ?

If it has not existed in some minds before anyways, hidden under the surface, now it went public.

I could not believe my eyes watching TV the other night when there was a commercial introducing a dating platform only for black people.
Not that I want to discuss how our sense of dating turned out to be nothing but a modern market, choosing the best offers for the lowest expenses by ourselves, but
what really put me away was that it seems to be totally legitimate to advertise dating for a certain group of people, more precisely a certain race.
So I wanted to look for some more cases like this and there are countless varieties of the same story. Dating for only Jewish people was only one of them.  

So am I overreacting? Am I having too high moral standards here?
Online dating is totally okay with me; helpful to meet people and find someone you might like living close to you. There is a limit to the tastefulness though. I think searching by race is the point where this limit is exceeded. Most of the information a dating site demands from you are really relevant for dating and therefore kind of needed, but
the race? Your nationality- really?
What would be the reason to only date someone having the same nationality?
Religion may be an excuse. There might be more that I am not aware of but generally spoken I think that a nationality should not be one of the bullet points that you tick off on your perfect partner sketch.
There are fights and debates in every country about immigration and the integration of foreigners. So the solution is to broadcast a commercial providing the dating market for just the country you are from ?
Sounds like a perfect step on the ladder towards past.

The one thing is that it has something racist about it. Choosing the skin color, nationality and place of birth when dating is wrong.
I will not point out all the reasons why I think it is immoral, everyone can make that up on his own and agree or disagree.
The question you should ask yourself is- what do you miss out when avoiding dating people with different nationalities?

Besides the cultural differences which are interesting to get to know, the traditions and the stories they can tell, there is so much more to it.
According to studies Greeks fuck most of the times a year, sex with Brazilians lasts longest,
and Spain is home to the best lovers.
The French are supposed to be great kissers and Germans, well you got to explore.
Those are nothing but myth I guess.
Still- why not taking the adventure and finding out if there is a speck of truth to them?
I would. I want. I will.

I might use dating sites. They might help me. But nationality is something that will never influence my decision to get to know someone. I choose based on character and- yeah, looks also. But in my opinion every country has a lot of hot people- and even some, who are hot and smart. Go for it.

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